Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Mrs Morrish
Mrs Bletsas, Miss Sandell, Mrs Almond and Miss Lutwyche

Please find below a curriculum map showing the exciting learning the children will be experiencing.
Year 6 Curriculum Overview 2017-18

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Daily mile
Hi everyone. My name is Abi Candler and I’m a student at Hildenborough CEP School. We hope you enjoy this blog. This term we’re learning about how we can have better personal fitness and how we can encourage other people to become fitter too. And as we’ve started a new term, we’ve also started some new challenges…
Every day, we aim to run at least six and a half laps of the school for a project called the daily mile. We all have our own challenges that we try and achieve. For example, I’m aiming for ten laps by the end of term.

·         Time outdoors
·         Get fitter
·         Achieve new bests

·         We can only do it in good weather
·         Can be slippery
·         Have to do it
·         You can get hurt

The highest number of laps I’ve ever managed is nine and a half but I can feel it getting easier every day! I’ve noticed that I’m less out of breath than I was before and I can keep going for longer. Sometimes the daily mile is a bit annoying but I really like having time outside a stuffy classroom and I also like how there is no pressure to do any certain amount.

Maybe you could try it?

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Year 6 World War II Evacuee day 2016
Year 6 were transported back in time to 7th September 1939 during our world war II experience day.  The Second World War had broken out 4 days before and as a result thousands of children were evacuated from towns and cities to keep them safe.

The class came dressed as convincingly as evacuees with plenty of berets, long trousers, gas masks and pig tails!  In the classroom they sat in rows and had fun calling the teachers Miss or Sir and standing up when a member of staff came into the room!  Mrs Morrish dressed the part too in a period flowery dress and hairstyle!

The children re-inacted being evacuated, wearing their official evacuation name tags and identification cards.  We imagined walking to a busy railway station, travelling on a steam train and what it would have been like to of travelled from the crowded cities to the quiet countryside for the very first time. We listened to the first part of this term’s book ‘Fireweed’ by Jill Paton Walsh – a story about evacuees in London.

We played ‘Red Rover’, a playground game from the time, and had great fun trying to break through the opposite side’s chain! As we got better at the game the opposite side often landed up lifting the person right off their feet!

After looking photographs, we tried on different armed forces hats from the time – Maya vanished under the army hat because it was so big!

In the orchard we acted out different scenarios that faced the evacuees.  The children created some very insightful drama scenes and empathised well with the children, parents and host families.

Thank you for a memorable day Year 6