Year 3

Welcome to Year 3
Miss Nixon and Mrs Ainger
Mrs Ashmore, Miss Richards, Mrs Ashworth, Miss Dungate


Please find below a curriculum map showing the exciting learning the children will be experiencing.
Year 3 Curriculum Overview 2017-18

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Year 3 spelling list

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Year 3 Term 1

Year 3 Term 2

Year 3 Term 3

Class biomes –
In year 3 we have been looking at the different Biomes from around the world.
After researching information about the biomes of the world, year 3 were given the task of creating their own biomes in a bottle. Using rocks, soil and plants from a given biome they went to the forest school to create these ecosystems.
Some children made deserts with cacti, some made rainforests with tropical flowers or deciduous forests with ferns and others made grasslands with long grasses. These were all watered and sealed. Every biome, once sealed, creates its own sustainable water cycle in which the water evaporates and condenses on the roof of the bottle and rains back down into the ecosystem.
The pupils were able to see for themselves the effects of the water cycle and how their environment is sustained.

Tudor Day