Windmill Hill School Journey


Windmill Hill PGL 2018

Day 1

We have had a fun-filled first day, full of challenges and excitement. Rafting was a real success with every team constructing their own raft, launching it and falling off!

Climbing, Trapeze and All Aboard were fantastic and all the children pushed themselves – and so did Mrs Simmons who conquered new heights on the All Aboard challenge!

This evening, the children created a protective case for a water balloon baby, which they tested by throwing from a great height – all the balloons survived! Their next challenge is to keep the balloons till the end of the week and those which survive can be thrown at our PGL leader Elliott – needless to say the children are all carefully caring for them!

We look forward to another great day tomorrow.




Day 2

Another excellent day; we have tried lots of new activities where the children have discovered new talents. Rifle shooting was very successful. Everyone has climbed higher than yesterday on the trapeze and All Aboard and we have had loads of smiles and fulfilled children.


We celebrated William’s birthday today and all enjoyed the chocolate birthday cake (thank you Mum).


The water-balloon baby saga continues. 2 balloons have come to premature end – dropped in the shower or deflated by a slow puncture! However, one team have managed to keep theirs- for how long no one knows!

Mr Seal has been developing his photographic skills, so far he has managed to work out how to reverse the camera, take a photo of the case, take some wonderful pictures of Daisy, sorry no photos of a daisy and capture a few precious moments on video – albeit with his finger over the lens! The children are going to use the IPad tomorrow!

This evening the children have transformed their team members into robots, then competed blindfolded to collect water-balloons! Great fun was had by all!



Day 3

Thursday has been another brilliant day.  Not only has the weather been lovely but the children have yet again surprised themselves and achieved more than they expected!

The morning started with a breakfast of eggs, bacon, beans, toast and cereal.


Then on to canoeing, zip wire and abseiling followed by All Aboard and the Giant Swing. Canoeing was a ‘dry session’ but some children were so competitive that they ended up taking another wash!

Lots of children surprised themselves by scaling new heights on All aboard – some even jumping at the top whilst looking out to the coast.


This evening’s disco was good fun; the children enjoyed dancing the night away and busting their moves on the dance floor! 

Day 4

This morning we have had two lovely final sessions: problem solving which tested the children’s lateral thinking and ability to work in teams; Aeroball, basketball on trampolines; climbing and trapeze!


We are all tired but have had an amazing time. Some do not want to come home and some want us to bring the cafeteria with us!

We have had an absolutely brilliant week ; both myself and the staff are all incredibly proud of the children and all they have achieved. Well done Year 6 – congratulations on a fantastic trip – it has been great fun!

Thank you also to Mrs Morrish, Mrs Simmons, Mr Seal and Miss Bates for all your hard work.

We look forward to seeing you in a few hours 😃