Reception Class

Welcome to Reception
Mrs Wood
Mrs Simmons

Please find below a curriculum map showing the exciting learning the children will be experiencing.
Year R curriculum overview 2017-18

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Whilst we have been doing our Space topic we decided to do a little experiment to see if we could get a fizzy drink to come out of the bottle and shoot towards space. We did a countdown from 10 and added some sweets to the bottle and watched the results.

”It just exploded!” – Oliver

”I thought it was going to go really high and it did”. – Nieve

”It was exciting I thought the whole thing was going to go to the moon!” – Toby

“It was very scary, I thought it was going to fall on us”. – Pippa

”It was very high and it was like a rocket. I thought it was going to go up to the aliens on Mars”. – Bella

Please see our video below to see what happened.


Poppy planting

This week the whole school made and planted a Poppy to commemorate Remembrance Sunday.

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Stay and Play

The children took ownership of their classroom today, Tuesday 17th October, when they showed their families around. The children talked to them about the learning we have been doing over the term, showing them their fantastic work on display. They also engaged their families in some of the activities they enjoy doing and explained how to use the resources in the classroom.

How can I help at home?

One of the best ways you can support your child’s learning in reception is to have fun and follow your child’s interests. In early years we ensure that everything is as practical as it can be and this should be continued at home too. Please remember that your child is at school for a large part of the day and after a day at school, they will be tired and need time to play without structure. Below are some of the activities that can be done during the year.

Encouraging Independence

At Hildenborough CEP Primary School we encourage independence very early on in order to support self-esteem and a positive self-image.  With our growth mind set school ethos we always say that ‘we can’t do it… yet’. Therefore the children know with practice and determination that they will be able to do it soon.

  • Encourage your child to get dressed in the mornings.
  • Get them used to putting on their school coat and ‘having a go’ at the zip.
  • Going to toilet independently and remembering self-hygiene.
  • Recognising their name for school peg labels.

How to support your child in Reading and Phonics

We want your child to have a passion for reading and writing. This can be done through you reading to your child as well as them reading to you. From term 2 your child will be bringing home a book to share at home. Here are some other activities:

  • Set aside a special time for just you and your child.
  • Read/share with your child what they think will happen in the story to build vocabulary and interest.
  • When outside, encourage your child to read signs, instructions etc.
  • When reading unfamiliar words, break up the word into phonemes to sound it out and blend. Eg, shop = sh-o-p cat = c-a-t.
  • At home expose your child to different forms of text and encourage them to read with you where applicable. Eg, recipe instructions, TV guide, cereal boxes.
  • Playing guess the letter by writing on each other’s backs.
  • Play ‘I Spy’ with phonic sounds. (I spy t… for television.)
  • Encourage all members of the family to share and read books with your children.
  • Join a local library. This is a fantastic way to create an early love of books.
  • Going over the phonic sound cards. These are sent out at the beginning of Term 2. Later on in the year high frequency word cards will also be sent out to help consolidation.

How to support your child in Mathematics

Maths is all around us and we’re using it every day! Many of you will already be doing these types of mathematical activities and practising your child’s numerical skills without even thinking about it! The most important thing is to make learning maths FUN!

Here are some activities:

  • Counting – Your child will begin to realise that everything can be counted, not just objects! During your everyday lives encourage your children to count everything – the stairs, cuddly toys, pieces of fruit. But also – claps, jumps, kicking a ball. The list is endless!
  • Recognising numbers – Children will soon realise that numbers are everywhere, on doors, gates and number plates.
  • Sing and say number rhymes.
  • Make number lines and tracks e.g. chalk on the pavement.
  • Play board games. Games with dice, snakes and ladders etc.
  • Play ‘I Spy’ with shapes in the environment.
  • Share things out.
  • Size, who has the biggest/smallest socks, gloves etc.
  • Let your child handle money, sort and name coins to make amounts.
  • Addition and subtraction – You have 3 cars and 4 trucks so how many vehicles do you have altogether? We have 2 bananas and 5 apples in the fruit bowl so how many pieces of fruit do we have altogether?