Primary Leadership


On Wednesday (19.10.16) Matilda, Bonnie, Emma, Allyza, Edward, Zack, Leo, Alex F, Connor and I arrived at the Angel Centre in Tonbridge to do some primary leadership training, with lots of other schools. We did loads of activities from organising our own leadership skills to sorting out team activities for the whole school. It was a jam packed morning of exciting, fun and team building for everyone involved.
Alex F, Emma, Edward and I ran a fun game of Shot Putt for the other schools. We showed everyone how to throw the ball and how the game worked. Whilst we were doing that Bonnie, Matilda, Allyza, Connor, Zack and Leo went off to see how the other schools ran their game. I think we all did a great job!
At the end we discussed together what jobs we could have so that our leadership skills could work together to build a better team.
In conclusion I think it was a fun and exciting day. I hope that everyone else who took part felt the same!

Written by Harriet B

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