Netball club
Netball club is open to children in years 5 and 6 on a Tuesday 3.15-4.15pm. We learn a lot of techniques and skills and play against other schools on a regular basis.

Hildenborough Weald

The return match was always going to be tough after we beat Weald 10-9 at home. Our team played a brilliant match and led until the last few minutes when Weald had a last surge! 12-10 final score to Weald. All 10 players were my players of the match – Bonnie, Maya and Frances for fabulous shooting; Emma, Abi, Matilda and Poppy for brilliant defending; Allyza our speedy centre and both Harriet’s our fast and furious WIng Attacks. Our year 6 team have done Hildenborough proud – well done Team Hildenborough!

Hildenborough Weald

We won! An incredibly even and competitive match against Weald ended with a Hildenborough victory 10-9. Our team captained by Emma played brilliantly with great defence throughout the game. Out attacking play was fast and furious and our team adapted to the tall opposition with short and faster passes. Bonnie and Maya shot solidly with 10 terrific goals. Our joint players of the match were Maya for her amazing distant shots under pressure and Harriet Barnes for her beautiful turning in the air, catching the ball and landing without footwork! Well done Hildenborough.

Shipbourne High 5 Netball Tournament

Our last year 6 High 5 tournament was at Shipbourne and whilst it was a small tournament with only 6 teams playing it was exciting right to the end. We won our first match against Slade convincingly 6-1. Our second match against Stocks Green was so close with a final score of 4-3 to Stocks. This meant we had to play Shipbourne in the semi-final. A brilliant game with a stunning goal from Abi meant we drew 2-2. After a nail biting wait we found out that Shipbourne went through to the final on goal difference and they went on to beat Stocks Green 5-1. So we came animpressive 3rd overall. Fantastic play from our whole team as always led by captain Bonnie and our player of the tournament Ben who defended and attacked superbly.

Stocks Green v Hildenborough (A team)

Captain: Harriet Barnes
Our second 7’s netball match against Stocks Green and the team did brilliantly. At half time the score was 6-3 and Stocks were worried! We played some fantastic netball, passed well with interceptions all over the court. Team spirit was as strong as always and the score did not reflect the competitiveness of the game and how evenly matched the court play was. Bonnie our player of the match scored some amazing goals in the 10ft high “proper” netball post – the first time we have played with an adult post. Well done all our players and thank you to our top year 6 supporter Rose.

Stocks Green v Hildenborough  (A team)
Match report by Maya (Captain)
This week we played a match against Stocks Green. During the first quarter Ben and Allyza did some great interceptions. Emma had some very close attempts and Bonnie scored a brilliant goal! Yes, we are now in the lead! We were all doing some great passes throughout the game. Abi and Poppy worked very hard whilst in defence. Bonnie did some great interceptions and Matilda was very nippy in the centre. Harriet B, Harriet MP and Maya were very good at getting into spaces. Despite the brilliant start, the final score was 12 – 1 to Stocks Green. We were very lucky because Rose came to cheer us on.

Player of the Match









Kent School Games High 5 Netball Tournament
We entered 2 teams – Hildenborough Thunder and Hildenborough Lightening at the Kent School Games High 5 Netball Tournament yesterday Thursday 16th March at Weald School. It was a great tournament with lots of netball and excitement.

Each team played 3 games in their group with a couple of loses, a draw and a win. Each game was very exciting to watch with some exceptional interceptions and a goals from Allyza and Effi. Molly was able to hold back the opposition with tight defence and great passes and Harriet MP kept the flow of the game going with her fast pace in centre court and a great goal. All of this hard work took both teams to the play-off stages.

Thunder played in the 7th/8th place play-off and Lightning in the 9th/10th place play-off. Both teams raised their games for the play offs. Lightening managed a comfortable 3 – 0 win with two stunning goals from Ben and a super shot from Maya. Matilda and Poppy were fantastic in defence and Harriet B was speedy and slick in the middle.

Thunder had a convincing 4-0 win against Chiddingstone B with some great shots from Leo and Abi. Leo also defended brilliantly so managed to get lots more shots at goal, Bonnie in the centre was pacey and too fast for her opponent with lovely space and passing and Emma and Frances did a great job in defence with some amazing interceptions.

It was a great afternoon/evening of netball and a huge thank you to all the parents supporting and providing continuous snacks! Rose was our top supporter for both teams.








Hildenborough v Shipbourne (A team)
Match report by Bonnis (Captain)
The netball team were a little nervous as we walked on to the court as our thrashing from Shipbourne a few weeks previous was still fresh in our minds…
The first quarter started with a great goal attempt from Poppy, it just missed. Luckily there was some great defending going on at the other end by Maya and Allyza. Shipbourne knocked up a few goals during the next few minutes but we held on and did not lose our way. Harriet B did some amazing snatch catches which showed that we were all determined. Another quarter followed where Abi and Poppy strongly defended the goal and worked really hard. Matilda and Harriet MP got some amazing catches in and seemed to cover the court really well. When Emma scored a perfect goal the team were ecstatic! It was Ben’s first match, we were lucky to have some height on our side for once! He played really well.
It was amazing for us all to see how much we had improved  due to the excellent coaching from Mrs Simmons and Mrs Aspinall. As always we were supported loyally by our number one fan, Rose!

Player of the Match









Hildenborough v Woodlands (A team)
Match report by Abi (Captain)
We got our first goal from Bonnie pretty much as soon as the match began, followed by two more in the first quarter! There was some really good passing and everyone was finding spaces, moving forwards and joining in, despite us being a lot shorter than Woodlands! Emma, Harriet, Poppy and I all scored during the rest of the game. There were lots of close ones too. Harriet scored from a long way off only to find the goal didn’t count. One even went over the hedge! At the end of the match we had won 8 – 0 and everyone helped, with a bit of support from Rose too! Let’s all hope all our games will be that good.

Player of the Match
This had to go to the whole team this week for really coming together and using all of the things they have learnt from netball club. Well done!

Hildenborough Stocks Green (A team)
Match report by Matilda (Captain)
On the 8th February we played Stocks Green. In the first quarter there were great interceptions by Abi, Bonnie and Matilda. There was also some great defence from Poppy. Emma had some really good rebound catches and confident interceptions throughout the match. There were some good passes from Harriet B and Harriet MP. In the last quarter Allyza did some lovely interceptions and Bonnie scored a goal! WE showed great improvement since our last match but unfortunately we lost 10 – 1.A big thank you to our supporters and especially to Rose for great support.

Player of the Match
For fantastic defence and sticking close to her opponent.









ShipbourneHildenborough (A team)

Match report by Poppy (Captain)
Hildenborough tried very hard against Shipbourne. In the first quarter Bonnie did a great pass to Poppy who did a fantastic catch. Abi also did a good pass. In the second quarter Allyza tried very hard. Maya missed an unlucky goal but did some great team passing. In the third quarter Harriet MP caught the ball nicely and Matilda got into some great spaces. In the final quarter Harriet B nearly scored a goal and Bonnie scored an amazing goal. The score was 9-1 to Shipbourne. Well done everyone.

Player of the Match
For reading the game so well and using that for some great defence.









Hadlow Hildenborough (A team)

Match report by Maya (Captain)
On the last match of the season we welcomed Hadlow to our netball court. Throughout the match there were some lovely flowing passes with everyone getting into great spaces. Emma scored the opening goal and Matilda came close on more than one occasion. After some great interceptions by Poppy I scored the second goal. Harriet MP made some great attempts. At the other end of the court Emma displayed some good defensive skills. Two further goals from Abi brought the score to 4-0. Further shots came from Bonnie with Harriet B getting some great rebounds. Three fabulous goals from Bonnie brought the final score to 7-0. Well done everyone for a great final game of the term. A special thanks to Rose for her amazing support even though it was absolutely freezing!

Player of the Match
For encouraging the team and 3 great goals










Cage Green Hildenborough (A team)
Match Report by Harriet B (Captain)
On the 16th of November the A team played in a netball match against Cage Green. Not long after the match had started Matilda and Emma had both got an amazing goal each and there was a fantastic interception from Poppy.  Cage Green also scored three goals. We soon got on to the second quarter and Bonnie managed to get five more goals. A lot of brilliant passes happened in that time and with only a few seconds left I scored another goal. In the next quarter we scored three more goals, two from Abi and one from Maya. We had eleven goals so far! It was the last quarter when Allyza scored a brilliant goal. We had done so well, we won 12 -3. We wouldn’t be so good if it wasn’t for our supportive and excited parents, a big thank you to them. 👏🏻

Players of the Match
For finding great spaces to keep the game flowing and both scoring a great goal.

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St Margaret Clitherow Hildenborough (A team)
Match Report by Emma (Captain)
This week we played a home match against St Margaret Clitherow. There was some great intercepting by Matilda and she had some good space throughout the game. Brilliant passing from Poppy and Abi and good spaces from Emma got the ball to our end for a lot of the game. Maya and Allyza didn’t give up and chased every ball. Bonnie got us off to a good start with the first goal, which was followed by some great goal attempts by Harriet and Matilda and a goal from St Margaret’s. In the last quarter a brilliant goal from Maya gave us a 2-1 win. Great play from EVERYONE!

Player of the Match
For finding excellent spaces and chasing every ball. 


Woodlands v Hildenborough (A team)
Match Report by Allyza (Captain)
It was a close game! Woodlands school just scored in the last few seconds. Abi and I were in great spaces and Matilda got the ball to our end. The score was 4-3 to Woodlands.

Player of the Match
For fantastic interceptions and two great goals.


Gold Celebrations and Sports Relief
The staff challenged the school netball team to a match for Sports Relief. Please take a look at our photos on the events page.
Well done to the girls who took part in the Kent School Games High 5 Netball Festival at Weald of Kent. We entered 2 teams and they all played extremely well. Out of the 15 teams that entered Hildenborough A team came 4th and Hildenborough B team came 10th. image image