Netball club
Netball club is open to children in years 5 and 6 on a Tuesday 3.15-4.15pm. We learn a lot of techniques and skills and play against other schools on a regular basis.

21.11.18 A team away to Woodlands

Match report by Bonnie (Captain)

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Player of the Match 
(picked by Mrs Simmons)

for always calling for the ball and being ready in a space to receive it. You keep the game flowing because everyone knows you will always be free. Well done

14.11.18 A Team away to Cage Green
Match report by Grace W (Captain)

We played a netball match against Cage Green. They are so tall! Bonnie scored our first goal of the match. Unfortunately it was our last, but we played extremely well. Sophie took countless shots but the ball just wouldn’t go in. Lara kept being put against the tall ones but that didn’t stop her from doing her best! We kept fighting for the ball and never gave up. Gracie and Phoebe performed great interceptions and they mearly always worked. I was proud of us and we tried so hard.
The whole team played amazingly and we are getting better by the week. We all work together as part of one team so it doesn’t matter who did this or who did that, at the end of the day its what we did and nothing can stop that. I don’t think I could be so proud of another team but this one!
At the end of the game both teams chose a player of the match for the opposite team. Cage Green chose Phoebe this week.

Player of the Match 
(picked by Mrs Simmons)

for never giving up and for some fantastic interceptions. Those goals will come! We all believe in you, well done.

31.10.18 A Team away to St Margaret Clitherow
Match report by Lara (Captain)

The netball match took place at St Margaret Clitherow. We are improving, as you can see by the score. We need to work on our defending. There were good passes made by our team players and great interceptions. Even though we didn’t win all the girls still did really well! At the end both teams chose a player of the match for the other team. St Margaret Clitherow picked Lara. Well done everyone.

Player of the Match 
(picked by Mrs Simmons)

for great first game! Some super interceptions and for finding lots of space. Although you said you were nervous you didn’t let it show, well done.

10.10.18 A Team away to Shipbourne
Match report by Sophie (Captain)

It was a tough match. I think we played really well and we did our best. The whole team agree that it was an epic goal scored by Bonnie. We did have an accident, Gracie tripped over my leg and sprained her wrist but carried on! There were some brilliant passes by Phoebe and Gracie, both long and short. At the end both teams chose a player of the match for the other team. Shipbourne picked Lara. Well done everyone.

Player of the Match
(picked by Mrs Simmons) 

for fantastic defending in the circle and never giving up. You encourage the rest of the team, well done.

3.10.18 A Team away to Hadlow
Match report by Phoebe (Captain)

On Wednesday we had our first match of the season against Hadlow. Although we lost Gracie did score a goal but it was disallowed. However we now have some feedback on the match to make our next match better. The final score was 8-0 to Hadlow.

Player of the Match
(picked by Mrs Simmons)

for fantastic defending and great interceptions throughout the game. You helped turn the game around, well done.