Governors’ information and duties

Name Type of Governor Length of Service Term of Office Monitoring Pair Business Interests
Mrs P Scott Headteacher March 2011 – present N/A N/A
Mrs P Iversen Local Authority Chair of Governors 2010 – present 18.12.2018 Effectiveness of Leadership and Management Iversen & Associates Ltd, Bea’s of Bloomsbury Ltd, Congregational & General Insurance plc, Iconic Insurance Services Ltd, Equomo Ltd
Mr B Leggett Co-opted 2005 – present 29.9.2017 Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Dr K Hollings Parent

Vice Chair or Governors

2016 – present 8.3.16  Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare
Mr M Graham Parent 2016 – present 8.3.16  Effectiveness of Leadership and Management
Reverend T Saiet Foundation 2014 – present 20.5.2018 Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare
Mrs E Challis Foundation 2015 – present 23.3.2019 Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment Teacher at another school
Mrs C Lunn Clerk to Governors 2008 – present N/A N/A
Mr A McNeil Co-opted 2016 – present 23.11.2016 Achievement – Outcomes for Children and other Learners