Forest School

We give our children the opportunity to spend time outside in our dedicated Forest School area for first-hand contact with the natural world in whatever season or weather. These structured and supportive sessions enable children to develop their understanding of the world, the environment and themselves, using their emotions, imagination and senses. We use outdoor activities as a tool to support the development of a child’s sense of well-being and engagement in their learning. The approach of small achievable tasks and a focus on the process rather than the end product, help progress the child’s personal, social and emotional development. Forest School happens in the natural environment, where children can see, hear, touch and smell what’s happening. It’s also where actions have real results and consequences. Our Forest School helps to bring school subjects alive, and provides experiential and hands on opportunities.

15.6.17 Fairy Garden

Today we were setting up areas for the Forest School fairies. Some were made under the trees and others in the long grass.






8.6.17 Planting Seedlings

We carefully transplanted some of our seedlings to a bigger planter today. We will keep watering them and hope they grow a lot bigger now.






26.5.17 Teaching Year 6

Today was all about teaching Year 6 all about the different activities we do in Forest School. We showed them how to make mud pies, how we feed the birds, how to find bugs and how to build log towers. They showed us how we could build a restaurant to go with our mud kitchen.

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18.5.17 Sawing

We used hacksaws to cut branches from an evergreen tree to camouflage our den today.






11.5.17 Gravel Snails

We used the different colours in gravel to make some fabulous snail shell patterns today.






4.5.17 Clay Hedgehogs

Today we used clay to make the shape of a hedgehog and then collected twigs to make the spikes.






27.4.17 Finding Paterns in Nature

Using templates of animals, plants and trees the children looked around to find things that would make a great pattern. They then placed their template over the top and used Ipads to photograph them. They worked together if they were unable to hold the template and take the photograph.






20.4.17 Nest Building

The children were challenged to build a nest like a bird today. They could use anything they found around a Forest School. Some used twigs and grass where as others used crates and pallets making nests big enough to get into.






30.3.17 Inscet Identification water game
We had a lot of fun with water sprayers today. We made a game using the insect pictures on the side of the classroom. One person said the name of an insect and we saw who could be the quickest to find it and spray it with water. As it was a sunny day we also sprayed one another!

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16.3.17 Butterfly Nature Art
We collected lots of interesting natural materials around Forest School today and made a fantastic giant butterfly. We were careful to try and make the wings look the same.









9.3.17 Bark Rubbings
We used wax crayons and paper to make bark rubbings. We tried it on the tree trunks, on the wooden sleeper benches and logs scattered around the floor. We made some very interesting patterns.









2.3.17 Grass Caterpillars
As we have been looking at the story of The Hungry Caterpillar we decided to make grass caterpillars today. We mixed grass seed with soil and put it into old tights. We added googly eyes and pipe cleaner antennae then watered them. Now we will wait to see what grows.









23.2.17 Signs of Spring
It was a beautiful day to look for signs of Spring around a Forest School today. We found snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils and saw new leaves and catkins growing on the trees. We also heard birds singing.

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9.2.17 Bug Hunting
Today we invited our friends and family to join us at Forest School. Our learning question was ‘Can you discover where bugs like to live or hide?’ We found slugs, snails, worms, ants, and spiders under logs, in the dirt and around the logs.









26.1.17 Woodland puppet theatre
Everyone was excited to explore our new woodland puppet theatre today. The children used a fox, a badger, an owl and a deer to tell some great stories.









19.1.17 Making a Sensory Garden
We used pebbles, sand, bark, gravel and pine cones to give our sensory garden some different textures. Then we planted lemon thyme, lavender, rosemary, curry plant and mint to give us some different smells.









12.1.17 Nature Art
Today’s learning question was ‘Can you find interesting things to make a nature picture?’ The children were given frames made with sticks to put their picture inside. They used twigs, pebbles, pine cones, acorn cups, leaves, and many other natural materials they found. The pictures were amazing from pictures of their family to animals to patterns.









8.12.16 Leaf Collecting
Most of the leaves have fallen from the trees covering our forest school floor. Our learning question today was ‘How many leaves can you collect?’ The children started collecting them by hand but used problem solving skills to decide collecting them in buckets and tubs meant they could carry far more. They made leaf angels, listened to the sound the leaves made when they walked through them and made some huge leaf piles to jump in. It was a lot of fun!








24.11.16 Planting bulbs
We planted bulbs in a root viewer today. We are hoping that when the flowers grow we will be able to see the beautiful flowers above the ground and how the roots grow below the ground too. We also planted some of the bulbs around forest school  and look forward to seeing them grow.









17.11.16 Leaf Mobiles
A very windy day today so we experimented to see how much the wind would blow leaf mobiles around. The children found some great places to hang them.

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10.11.16 Mud Painting
As we have had some rain and our forest school area has become muddy we decided to se the children a challenge. Our learning question was ‘Can you paint without using a paint brush or paint?’ The children didn’t take long to discover the mud would make great marks on an old sheet. They used sticks, leaves, pine cones, pebbles and their hands to apply the mud.









3.11.16 Planting Seeds
We changed our class role play area to a castle and so thought it would be fun to grow a plant from a seed up to a castle like the story Jack and the Beanstalk. Our learning question today was ‘Can you plant a seed that will grow up to the castle?’ We talked about what we needed to plant the seed and how we would have to take care of it to help it grow.

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20.10.16 Bird Feeders
Today we learnt how to care for living things. We used Cheerios to make bird feeders and then decide where the best place would be to hang them for the birds to eat. Our learning question today was ‘Can you count how many cheerios it takes to make your bird feeder?’









13.10.16 Making a Gruffalo
To link with our class story this term our learning question today was ‘Can you make the Gruffalo?’ We found natural materials to bring him to life.









6.10.16 Introduction to Forest School
Today we talked about the different areas around Forest School and some of the resources available. We established some rules to keep us all safe and found out that working together is a great way to learn.