Forest School

We give our children the opportunity to spend time outside in our dedicated Forest School area for first-hand contact with the natural world in whatever season or weather. These structured and supportive sessions enable children to develop their understanding of the world, the environment and themselves, using their emotions, imagination and senses. We use outdoor activities as a tool to support the development of a child’s sense of well-being and engagement in their learning. The approach of small achievable tasks and a focus on the process rather than the end product, help progress the child’s personal, social and emotional development. Forest School happens in the natural environment, where children can see, hear, touch and smell what’s happening. It’s also where actions have real results and consequences. Our Forest School helps to bring school subjects alive, and provides experiential and hands on opportunities.

9.11.17 Making a Wormery

Year 3 have been looking at how soil is made and how worms add nutrients to soil where growing plants can absorb it. Today Year 3 joined us in Forest School and we made wormeries together.

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19.10.17 Cereal Bird Feeders

We were joined by Year 6 at Forest School today. We worked with them to make cereal bird feeders using pipe cleaners and Cheerios. We hung them from the different trees around Forest School.

12.10.17 Weaving Wall

There was a lot of concentration around the weaving wall. Children found natural materials to weave through the weaving frame. There was a lot of discussion about how to pull longer leaves through without them breaking, the different smells from some of the materials such as Rosemary and how they had to be careful around a spiders web in the corner of the frame so as not to break it.

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5.10.17 An introduction to Forest School

Today was the Year R’s first visit to Forest School. We talked about the different activities and some of the resources available. We established some rules to keep us all safe and then enjoyed exploring and investigating the area.

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