Celebration Assembly

Celebration Assembly!  

Every week we celebrate the children’s learning from every class and certificates are awarded for positive learning behaviour!

Week Ending 19th January



Learner of the Week 

YR Arthur S

Y1  Nathaniel L

Y2  Liam B

Y3  Jamie A

Y4  Samuel H

Y5  Thomas A

Y6  Sam L

Pride Award – Each week we celebrate particular pieces of work from the children that they and the staff are particularly proud of.
We display them on the notice board by Mrs Scott’s room for everyone to see.

Pride Award for PE – Each week we celebrate the achievements of two children from each class during their PE lesson. These achievements are are also reflected during our Sports Day each year.

Personal Excellence

Respect & Friendship


Determination & Courage


Pride Award                        Pride Award for PE

 YR Reece R

 Y1  Lucy R                          Y1  Hunter & Poppy

 Y2  Will H                           Y2  Matthew & Mabel

 Y3  Soraya S                      Y3  Soraya & Rory

 Y4  Ollie P                          Y4   Theo & Cleo

 Y5   Bonnie Mae W         Y5  Rachel, Phoebe,Ollie and Cameron

 Y6    Sam D                       Y6   Mia,Josh,Daniel & Shane